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Toy Gun Mini Infrared Light Windproof Lighter Creative Red Light Indication Inflatable Green Fire Memorial M75

Toy Gun Mini Infrared Light Windproof Lighter Creative Red Light Indication Inflatable Green Fire Memorial M75

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wind proof: YES

use to: Business Gifts, Business Gifts, Advertising Gifts, Promotional Gifts,

style: Modern minimalism

material quality: metal

additional function: Decoration, collection, lighting

Type of engine oil: butane

Suitable for gift giving occasions: Wedding, birthday, festival, relocation, trade fair, advertising promo

Producer: Zhejiang

Origin: Mainland China

Article number: m75

Applicable gift giving relationship: Younger generation, couples, spouses, colleagues, friends, elders, chi


Toy Gun Cigarette Case Lighter Inflatable Outdoor Windproof Cigar Igniter Men's Personalized Creative Multi-functional Gift


   How to operate the correct inflation
1. Before inflating, use a small tool to support the inflating core and thoroughly release any remaining gas inside, so as to eliminate the pressure in the lighter cylinder;

2. Press the outlet of the gas tank vertically downwards for about 5 seconds each time, two or three times is sufficient. 
3. After the inflation is completed, please wait for about 5 minutes before using. If there is still a situation where the ignition cannot start after 5 minutes, please adjust the regulating valve larger. (Note+- direction)
Detailed inflation introduction:
Gas dispensing method
1. When adding gas, there must be no sparks or sparks around, ensuring safety. Do not add air while smoking;
2. Qualified butane gas should be used, as inferior gas may damage the lighter or reduce its service life;
3. When adding gas to a regular model, please stand the lighter upside down, align the gas bottle outlet with the lighter inlet and cover it. Press the lighter several times with force, holding for about 2 seconds each time; If the gas cannot be filled, it may be due to excess air remaining in the steam box. At this point, you can deflate the gas quickly by aligning a small screwdriver with the air inlet 1-2 times, and then proceed with the filling operation;
4. When adding gas to the Langsheng machine, please first use a flat screwdriver or other tools to loosen the air inlet screw cover, and then follow the above steps. After the gas filling is completed, the screw cover can be flattened and cannot be too tight; Otherwise, it will cause the cover to be loose and the sound of the cover to be unclear, and it will also cause gas to escape. The precision mounted loudspeakers need to be equipped with a dedicated nozzle for gas dispensing; 5. When refueling a gasoline engine, the hood should be opened, the engine core should be pulled out and inverted, the outer sponge should be opened, and an appropriate amount of gasoline should be added. After the gasoline seeps into the inner sponge, the outer sponge should be covered before being inserted into the engine casing;

6. After refueling various lighters, it is necessary to wait at least 1 minute to adjust the temperature of the newly charged gas to room temperature, and wait for the residual gas attached to the outside of the lighter to evaporate completely before igniting. If the ignition operation is carried out immediately at this time, it may cause residual gas on the surface of the lighter to ignite, causing unnecessary danger. After replenishing the gas, if the flame height is too high or too low during use, it is a normal phenomenon, and the flame height can be adjusted appropriately. 
Adjusting the flame
1. When using, as the gas content of the product decreases and the ambient temperature changes, the flame height will change to a certain extent. This is a normal phenomenon, and you can adjust the flame height appropriately;
2. When using, the normal flame height should be adjusted to; The windproof and direct charge type lighters are 1.5-2.5 centimeters; Luminous, gasoline, and open flame lighters range from 2.5-4.0 centimeters;
3. If it is necessary to adjust the flame height, please use a flat screwdriver to align with the groove of the flame regulator; If the lighter itself is equipped with an adjustment ring, it can be adjusted directly with your fingers. Rotate it clockwise in the direction of the (-) arrow to lower the flame height; Turning counterclockwise in the direction of the (+) arrow can increase the flame height. Note: Rotate counterclockwise and do not exceed half a turn from the normal flame height. Otherwise, it may damage this product;
4. Gasoline lighters should control the flame height by adjusting the height of the ignition wick. The flame height is too high, you can use scissors to cut it



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